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Corporate Social Responsibility

With the goal on being a good corporate citizen, the Group acknowledges the importance of conducting its business in a socially responsible way. At OKP, we demonstrate this by taking our corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously and making positive contributions to the community in which we operate.

The Group aims to uphold the best practices in all its business operations, and this involves giving back to the community and offering assistance to the disadvantaged and needy in society. This assistance comes in the form of providing sponsorships and donations to various charitable organisations and causes. In addition, we encourage our staff to volunteer their time and services towards supporting worthy causes, thus making a difference to the community.

Over the past 10 years, there is a growing recognition in Singapore and worldwide that taking part in CSR initiatives can give business a competitive advantage. It is gaining recognition in many organisations, which are making CSR practices an important part of their business operations. These organisations realise that adopting good CSR practices can bring about benefits such as establishing a good reputation for the company, and maintaining good morale among staff and enabling better performances, thereby attracting investors and improving productivity.

At OKP, we are fully aware that promoting CSR is capable of strengthening ourcorporate reputation. To achieve this, we extend our support to the community through involvement in various fundraising activities and philanthropic efforts and through our annual Charities of the Year programme. We actively support various charities, providing our staff opportunities to be public-spirited citizens as they participate in fundraising initiatives for specific causes and needs. Through various fundraising events and charities, we are able to extend our reach to many disadvantaged persons within the communities that we serve.

The Group renders financial assistance and support to the following charities and community organisations:

The Group also sponsors events or programmes organised by various organisations such as schools, religious organisations, Community Development Council, People's Association and Land Transport Authority. It does this by raising funds for charities through golf tournaments, dinners and other events.

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