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Profit & Loss Calculation
Price Purchased (S$) Instructions:

To estimate your profit and loss, please fill up the following 3 columns, "Price Purchase", "Share Held" and "Price Sold".
Share Held
Commission (%)
Minimum Commission (S$)
GST (%)
Price Sold (S$)
Gross Dividend Per Share
Taxed (S$)
Tax Exempt (S$)

Share Held
Price Purchased Per Share (S$)
Price Sold (S$)
Total Gross Profit(Loss) On These Shares (S$)
Less Buying And Selling Commission (S$)
Less Clearing Fee (S$)
Less SGX Access Fee (S$)
Less GST (S$)
Net Profit(Loss) (S$)
As A Percentage, Your Investment Has Changed (%)

Net Dividend (S$)